PLC - Planning an Adventure


Reckless Planning

When planning a trip or a lesson I find it is often easy to think you can do it without consequences. That when the last period ends, you can evaluate whether or not you made it out successfully. This often means that you are focused more on yourself than on the students.

In this video, Casey and his buddy take on a mountain, an actual mountain. Very little planning and preparation went into this trip. It is reckless and endangered their lives more than a couple of times. Their minds were focused on one thing: summit or bust. They didn’t think about the people they were responsible to or themselves.

No more reckless planning. The students deserve well planned out lessons that engage their minds and deliver what was promised: a unique and impacting learning experience.

This is an abbreviated version of his video telling this story. i have edited for time and content to fit my presentation. (Full Video)




Return with a unique and impacting experience


- $3000 / 4 people / 5 days


- Theme (ex: food, shopping, adventure…)
- Itinerary
- Packing List
- Explain how you spent your money


Take a trip over Spring Break starting at your current location, Berkner High School, to anywhere you want. Considering the budget, don’t go too far… or do… it’s your trip. Pick a theme for it and begin planning. Track your schedule and your budget for the adventure ahead. Have your “Deliverables” ready before you leave.