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Capturing images, solving unique challenges and telling stories through technology.

While in education, I taught the students to explore their passions. I have transformed my passions into a new career.

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Photo Collections


Graphics & Video Editing


WayForward Logo Intro

I had the pleasure to go on one of these trips and experience the wilderness alongside a few good friends. We left our phones, emails and to do lists at home but not our sense of adventure. Later I was asked to create an intro for the company's videos. What better way to tell the story, from Dallas to the mountains.
[WayForward Adventures]

Software Used: Adobe After Effects


Jacob Heppner Graphics

For Jacob Heppner, I do custom graphic overlays to add timers, counters and workout information to his YouTube videos. From how-to videos to long metcon workouts, the videos wouldn’t be as engaging.
[Jacob’s YouTube Channel]

Software Used: Adobe After Effects, Photoshop & Premiere Pro


Richardson Area YoungLife

For Richardson Area YoungLife, I shot video and recorded audio on several locations to create three dynamic and engaging videos for their annual fundraising banquet.
[Richardson Area YoungLife]

Software Used: Adobe Premiere Pro

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